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Color constancy:

Color constancy denotes the phenomenon that the appearance of an object remains fairly stable under changes in illumination and background color. Most of what we know about color constancy comes from experiments using flat, matte surfaces placed on a single plane under diffuse illumination simulated on a computer monitor. My research is concerned with color constancy for real 3- dimensional objects having different materal properties (i.e. glossiness and roughness) and placed in more complex chromatic scenes.

My research shows that we cannot generalize the results from color constancy experiments using simplistic virtual scenes to color constancy for real 3-dimensional objects.

An example of a failure in colour constancy can be seen below. The 3 images display the same scene under three different illuminations (daylight, a redish lamp and a tungsten lamp, respectively). Notice the quite large changes in color. Luckily for us we are more color constant in daily life! In my research I try to establish which factors are important for obtaining color constancy.