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Inter-individual differences in color perception

Most studies on color perception have concentrated on studying the dependence on stimulus variables and largely neglected the possibility of substantial differences across observers.  There are, however, indications that there exist substantial differences between subjects in how colors are perceived.

In my work I have been studing  inter-individual differences in chromatic induction (how the color of the background influences how colors are perceived) and color constancy (the constancy of colors under changes in illumination). My research deals with the question whether these large variations between observers can be explained by low-level factors (differences in eye movements, chromatic adaptation etc.) or whether high-level factors play a role (as well).



I studied tetrachromacy with Gabrielle Jordan and John Mollon. Tetrachromacy is the concept that certain people (women) have an extra cone type in the retina of their eyes which enables them to perceive a whole colour dimension that normal individuals are unable to see. We tackled the questions which colours these women are able to see and whether this extra colour dimension enables them to perform better on daily based tasks (i.e. visual search). see: